Conversations at the Louvre

My only regret at the Louvre was that I was able to follow only English. Many times I saw mothers and fathers holding their stomachs laughing. I caught a few ones that cracked me up. Here are the ones I remember.

At the Mona Lisa:

The Mona Lisa

>>>She is not even pretty!!!

>>>That is the Mona Lisa!!!???? Dude! WTF!

At Micheal Angelo’s Captive Slave:

The captive slave

>>>Mom he has no pants on!

At Canova’s Psyche and cupid:

Psyche and Cupid

>>>Are they doing yoga?

At the consecration:

The consecration of Napoleon the I

>>>Damn all this while I thought Napoleon was a guy!!

A note to this painting:- It threw me off too. Of course I knew Napoleon was a guy. But a casual glance at the painting shows Josephine kneeling to receive the crown.

At the Greek Antiquities:

>>>Are all people from greek without head?

>>>Nice Ass!


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