Paris of the nice, Paris of the not so nice!!!

Paris of the Nice….

Paris of the Nice

I step out of the train and I am lost!

Billet??? Sortie???  Interdit???

I must have lost written all over my face.  A complete stranger walks up to me  and hands me a metro ticket.

” Take it you need it. ”

And he is gone before I can say Merci!

A little gesture goes a long way, Literally!!

Thanks to the strangers metro ticket I reach the stop near my hotel. I struggle with my bags up the stairs. An elderly gentleman comes up to me and talks to me in French and grabs my bags.

Once we reach the top of the stairs he becomes the first man to get a taste of my French.

Merci Becoup!  I say adding to it my sweetest smile.

Paris of the not so nice…

Paris of the Not so Nice

I step out into the streets of Paris and it begins to rain. Paris is cold and wet but that does not dampen my spirits, at least not yet!

I now have to go looking for my hotel. I walk a bit into the rain hugging my coat tighter.

I see a youngish gentleman and ask him,
“Sir, please can you tell me the way to 12, bldv V..”

” Look and walk you will find it!!!”

Wow!! That was informative!

I walk into a Ristorante and ask again.

This time, ” Am I supposed to know ??”

I look at him and say in  the meanest possible way” Thank You”.

Before the sliding doors close I catch the conversation from within.

“Ah! Americano”

Freaks!!!  In which planet would I be called an Americano???!!!

Paris of the in betweens….

I was told that most Parisians would not speak in Anglais. But what I was not told was that most Parisians do not know Anglais!

I stopped by Coupon to get a sim card.  The owner talked french for 10 minutes and said” Oui”??

At this point I looked up my Western European Phrasebook and read “Je ne comprends pas”, following which we walked over to the Cafe next door. He repeated the same to the Sri Lankan sales girl and she translated it to Tamil and then  translated my responses back in French. It was an ordeal.

At the end of it I got myself a very expensive sim card and I have not been able to make any calls!!!! I am debating whether I should go over there tomorrow!

Paris by the pavement side….

Une Cafe Sans lait

I had the most wonderful coffee. It was black thought. I literally had to do a song and a dance to get a little milk.

Once I get back I must sign up for a French course.

Later today while I was thinking of calling it a day, I chanced upon La Croissanterie. Getting geared up to do a little gig for a little milk I started with “Une cafe o lait” in the worst possible way.

And I got the reply” Skimmed milk?” in perfect Anglais.

Ah! Americano!!!

La Croissanterie not only serves good coffee with skimmed milk but it is also a very quaint place. It has paintings of animals all over the walls and is a perfect place to watch the lights come on in the apartments in Paris.


A penny for your thoughts!

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