Europe through the snow

Bonjour! Saludo! Salve!


The Jose sisters (Maria and Lisa) are going to be tramping through France, Spain and Italy in the snow. Backpack in hand we plan to start from London and finish in Rome.

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The Plan

The cities we plan to visit are


  • Paris


  • Madrid
  • Cordoba
  • Seville — Day trip
  • Granada
  • Valencia — Day trip
  • Barcelona


  • Milan
  • Venice
  • Florence
  • Pisa — Day trip
  • Pompeii — Day trip
  • Rome

If you are from/have visited/or are visiting these places we will be eternally grateful if you help us with the must see sights. It will be our pleasure to join you for a cup of coffee and an honor to meet you!

Follow us  as we eat ,sleep, gaze at the wonders of Western Europe.


A penny for your thoughts!

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