Conversations at the Louvre

My only regret at the Louvre was that I was able to follow only English. Many times I saw mothers and fathers holding their stomachs laughing. I caught a few ones that cracked me up. Here are the ones I remember.

At the Mona Lisa:

The Mona Lisa

>>>She is not even pretty!!!

>>>That is the Mona Lisa!!!???? Dude! WTF!

At Micheal Angelo’s Captive Slave:

The captive slave

>>>Mom he has no pants on!

At Canova’s Psyche and cupid:

Psyche and Cupid

>>>Are they doing yoga?

At the consecration:

The consecration of Napoleon the I

>>>Damn all this while I thought Napoleon was a guy!!

A note to this painting:- It threw me off too. Of course I knew Napoleon was a guy. But a casual glance at the painting shows Josephine kneeling to receive the crown.

At the Greek Antiquities:

>>>Are all people from greek without head?

>>>Nice Ass!

Museum Hopping – criss cross across the Seine

The following are my favourite picks from the Museums of Paris.

Musee D’Orsay

Van Gogh’s self portrait

Musee de ‘Orangerie

Undoubtedly Monet’s water lilies

Musee Rodin

The thinker

The Louvre

The Mona Lisa smile! No prizes for guessing which one!

The Mona Lisa smile