Three things you must do in Cappadocia

Off the places I have been to, Cappadocia is my favorite place. The people are so friendly and the place as such is fantastic. By rule I do not plan a trip to the same place twice. But I will make an exception for Capadocia in a heart beat.


Here a three things you must do and why:


1. Hot air balloon over Cappadoccia:

This is hands down the best way to Cappadocia. The sun rising amidst a tens of colorful balloons floating in the sky is a surreal sight. Even though my sister and I were on a budget trip we could not pass up an opportunity to do this. Yes it did leave a dent in our pockets but that is one dent I will never regret. When booking a company book for one that takes only a maximum of about 16 people.  The ones with 20+ people will be cheaper but after paying a good 100+ euro you will not want to be fighting for your space in the balloon.

2. Go off roading:

Oh! These machines are mean. The undulating valleys will  make this so fun. A sunset ride to the love valley will be totally worth it on these machines.


3. Walk, walk and walk

There are a lot of marked walking trails in Cappadocia. The pigeon valley walk is a popular one. You will walk through orchards with ripe fruit ( depending on the season) , past rocks shaped in the most uncanny manner. We walked a whole day here and absolutely loved it. Oh and it’s perfectly safe for solo travelers.


Travel planning using Pinterest

I sometimes travel the world without moving from my chair while browsing through the amazing boards in Pinterest. It is an amazing tool for travel planning. If you don’t have time to pour through guide books to figure out the places you want to visit in a particular country, all you have to do is search for the country. Without fail the search will pull up a pins of beautiful places. Select the ones you like and  pin them to your board. You can also add the  map to the pins.

Here is my board on Turkey. I love the country and will be going back again next year to attend my friend’s wedding. Go forth and create your boards and lets to Life Ahoy!

Go forth and create your boards and lets to Life Ahoy!