A winter trek

Sorry I have not posted for a couple weeks now. This time I have a valid reason :- The Chaddar trek in Ladakh. Unfortunately ( or..) the trek was cancelled due to a landslide. Instead we did a whole different trek which was almost like a potpourri of ¬†experiences in high altitude trekking. Before I start off on a meaty post with the whats, whens and hows I leave you with some pictures. A teaser of sorts…


Lights in the Old City

With all the thanksgiving posts doing rounds in the virtual world I thought I’ll add mine; although with a different angle.

Here is my tribute to the city I have hated while I was there and started loving the minute the I knew I was to leave: – Hyderabad . She has never looked more beautiful than that night when she was lit up!

Hyderabad I love you from the distance, always will!

Ps: Forgive the crappy pics. These were taken a really really long time ago.