Conversations at the Louvre

My only regret at the Louvre was that I was able to follow only English. Many times I saw mothers and fathers holding their stomachs laughing. I caught a few ones that cracked me up. Here are the ones I remember.

At the Mona Lisa:

The Mona Lisa

>>>She is not even pretty!!!

>>>That is the Mona Lisa!!!???? Dude! WTF!

At Micheal Angelo’s Captive Slave:

The captive slave

>>>Mom he has no pants on!

At Canova’s Psyche and cupid:

Psyche and Cupid

>>>Are they doing yoga?

At the consecration:

The consecration of Napoleon the I

>>>Damn all this while I thought Napoleon was a guy!!

A note to this painting:- It threw me off too. Of course I knew Napoleon was a guy. But a casual glance at the painting shows Josephine kneeling to receive the crown.

At the Greek Antiquities:

>>>Are all people from greek without head?

>>>Nice Ass!

Notre Dame de Paris

I am going to let Victor Hugo take over from here:

” A vast symphony in stone…”

A symphony indeed

” Great Building, like great  mountains, are the work of centuries”

Great building like great mountains…

“Geometry is a harmony”

The inside of the cathedral

“In those days, they saw everything thus, without metaphysics, without exaggeration, without a magnifying glass, with the naked eye. The microscope had not yet been invented, either for material things or for the things of the spirit.”

Stained glass windows

And finally,

The watchmen of the Notre Dame  sans  Quasimodo

La Tour Eiffel

This Colosseum of iron  is Paris’s unique identifier. My first mistake was to judge proximity based on the visibility of the tower. Painfully and a about what seemed like a million blocks later  I learnt that it was not a smart move.

The Iron Lady by day

The best time to visit the Eiffel tower is in the morning.  Start from the Cite de l’Architecture.

By Night

The sheer size of its base dwarfs you. On walking under it I could not help but feel like an insignificant mini me.

Gigantic by day
By night!